Our Qualifications

NCCM Portfolio Manager and Principal

Murray Woloshin has over 25 years of experience with investments, portfolio and risk managment, trading and estate and financial planning. He has worked for institutions, individuals, trusts, estates, and non-profits. Over the past 10 years he has specialized in the area of preserving purchasing power by including an understanding of the impact of global trends on U.S. based portfolios. This 'real growth' approach has included the use of a wide variety of mainstream and alternative assets. 

Murray has been a principal in financial services firms for over 20 years. He has expertise in fundamental and quantitative analysis. Along the way he invented an innovative method for creating Artificial Neural Networks [ANS], which is considered an advance in that branch of Artificial Intelligence, and which has applications beyond its initial use in financial market trading systems (for example, it has been used in pharmaceutical research.)

He holds the Chartered Financial Analyst designation, and is a member of the New York Society of Security Analysts.

Financial Modeling and Trading Experience:

Murray has been involved in the development of models of alternative assets that enable more comprehensive analysis for investors and advisors. Assets have included real estate, private mortgages, and oil, gas and mineral royalties.

At JPMorgan, Murray worked with the Public Finance Group, dramatically increasing the capacity of its optimization model to analyze and bid on large complex municipal debt restructuring projects.
Murray spent the early part of his career at Neiderhoffer, Cross and Zeckhauser where he was Vice President and Assistant to the Chairman and participated in both the Investment Banking and Trading divisions. He was involved with trading models used to trade the firm's and clients' money, and he traded stock options for the firm.
Derivatives Experience:
During 4 years at JPMorgan, Murray was consultant to the Insurance and Pension Derivatives Group (IPDG). His work on model revisions contributed to recognition of more than $15 million in additional profit and greatly improved risk management capabilities.

Managed a small proprietary option trading fund at Neiderhoffer, Cross and Zeckhauser and its NCZ Commodities unit and helped research and implement a commodity futures trading system with HOJI at Refco to sub-manage hedge fund clients’ assets.

Research and Consulting Experience:
At JPMorgan, Murray did research for the personal finance Lifestyle Annuity development team. He has also been a consultant for several other major financial firms, among them, Salomon Smith Barney, Bank of America, GenRe Securities, Royal Bank of Canada , Wells Fargo Wachovia.

Murray has also consulted for several major insurance and financial services companies in the areas of financial analysis and modeling, and legal and tax strategy.

At ATT/Bell Labs, Murray worked on decision support systems for the billion dollar customer call center.

As a consultant to the Electrical Distribution department at Consolidated Edison of New York, he was Principal analyst in the original study of the financial viability of small scale distributed generation (SSDG), which was the impetus for a subsequent EPRI study. He also served as a member of the corporate competition team reporting directly to the CEO. Murray ’s statistical analysis of equipment life cycle costs was used to negotiate a new pricing/purchase methodology with vendors (GE, ABB, Westinghouse) resulting in tens of millions of dollars in savings.